My RESUME رزومه ام


Curriculum Vitae

 1) PROFILE     
–        Full name: Ahmad Hashemi
–        Date of Birth: 1977,
–        Marital Status: Married,
–        Nationality: I.R.Iran,
Jan 2008 – Jun 2012
*Foreign Ministry, I.R. Iran(
Position: Translator, Interpreter, Protocol Department Expert
Accopmanying dignitaries, attending meetings and sessions as interpreter, translating different official letters and other papers and doing simultaneous translations in different diplomatic sessions as well as various int’l conferences, was part of my function.
Dec 2006– Mar 2007
*Imam Khomeini Relief Foundation (IKRF). (
Position: Consultant, Expert
Handling foreign guests of IKRF and building international ties such as international calls as well as answering emails and letters was a part of my occupation.
Jul 2006– up to 2008
*International- Iranian Hamayesh Afarinan Group. (
*Ivan Sahar-Foreign Media Service Center in Iran- (
Position: Guide, Translator & Expert,
Accompanying int’l & foreign pressmen, Diplomatic Corps, senior researchers, as well as, dealing with various guests of Iran’s different organizations and also offering services to international delegations, participants from abroad, who were attending at int’l conferences in Iran was my part time duty in these two companies.
Sep 2006 – Dec 2006
*Iranian Institute for Human Peace Security IIPHS. (
Position: Researcher,
My main responsibility was doing research over international events and analyzing thoem as well as preparing weekly reports for Dr. M. Zahrani, president of my institute who is the reformist ex-president of The Institute for Political and International Studies (IPIS), ( which belongs to Iranian foreign ministry (
Nov 2005 – Jan 2006
*Sanaray Software exporting corp. ( )
Position: Consultant,
I was doing web-based research in the internet about marketing opportunities in the IT
field in the world as I was a consultant on international affairs.
 Mar 2003 – Feb 2004
*Young Journalists Club (
Position: Journalist and Translator,
As a Journalist, translator, and reporter in The Young Journalists Club (YJC), which is affiliated to Iranian National and state-run Radio and Television(IRIB), ( I was busy with interviews and producing  and translating news.
Jun 2003 – Jun 2012
Position: Writer & Columnist,
I began my first journalism career in 2000, by contributing for different newspapers such as pro-democracy papers, Shargh (, and Etemaad ( center reformist, Hamshahri (, semi-reformist daily, Hambastehi(, right conservative daily, Resalat (, as well as Siasat-e Khareji (Journal of Foreign Policy) which is the Journal of Iranian Foreign Ministry.
Jan 2003 – Jan 2004
*Parham Translation House
Position: Translator,
In ‘Parham Translation House’ I was translating variety of texts and documents from English and Turkish into Farsi and vice versa.
1999 – 2003
* University of Tehran , (
The Faculty of Law and Political Science,
Course of study: Political Sciences, B.A.
2003 – 2006
* School of International Relations (
(This academic center belongs to Iranian Foreign Ministry,
Course of study: International Relations, M.A.
–        English: Fluent, written and spoken;
–        Arabic: Working knowledge;
–        Turkish: Fluent, written and spoken;
–        Azeri/Persian: Native languages.
5)   Contact

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